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 26% Federal Tax Credit extended through 2022

Unlimited Energy

Off Grid Enterprises offers their services to help  customers design their more energy efficient homes.  From LEDs and energy efficient appliances to radiant floor heating, Off Grid works with each customers to design the home of their dreams.


Off Grid  offers  customers a full service experience with solar that will reduce their electric bill, to back up systems that will provide power to their home when the grid goes down.

Off Grid designs, builds, and installs off-grid and grid-tied renewable energy systems for residential, commercial, and remote areas. Our site manager  ensures that all renewable energy system's installations are done by a certified solar installer.

Why buy a system and not have it installed by a certified installer?

(Read Solar Installations Below)

Our systems can be found from Belize to the top of

Mount Begbie in Canada and from Maine to Alaska.

 Ground mounted, roof mounted, pergolas, and car port  solar systems are just a few ways to fit the

customer's needs while at the same time reducing utilities.  

Visit our gallery to see our projects.


Deciding to permanently cut or lower electric bills, while at the same time increasing the value of their home is a step more people are making. Customers of solar realize that solar is an investment.  It's like buying a car  but unlike a car, it doesn't depreciate.  It will eventually pay for itself, and after it does, it puts money in your pocket.  You will never pay off the electric company, but you will pay off your solar system.

Let Off Grid Enterprises’ professional and courteous service employees  provide a free site survey that will help determine how you can meet that goal! 

We install products made in the USA which ensures that you are receiving the highest quality equipment We provide maintenance for our installations and yes, there is a warranty on our products and the service.

What are you waiting for?   You can take the first step in lowering or completely eliminating your electric bills by contacting us today.  


The Federal government offers incentives or tax credits for solar systems.   Some states, but not all, offer tax incentives. 

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                         RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS  
                                      Saving You Money!

State of Texas
Off Grid Enterprises, LLC
Electrical Contractor
License Number 31460


North American Board Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)  lead installer and Project Manager, Pieter Huebner has thirty years experience in the renewable energy field. He has traveled world-wide to install energy systems and  because of his experience and reputation for reliability and knowledge of the field, is often consulted when other installers need on-site instruction. From 1984-2013, Pieter was the lead installer, troubleshooter, and instructor/trainer for installations  at Bergey Wind Power. While at  Bergey, he helped design and install off-grid power systems and control systems including generator integration with wind and solar stand-alone power systems. He has been an instructor for New York, Renewable Energy Development Authority; a member of American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and has received the Outstanding Achievement in Operations Award in Wind Power.

Residential, Commercial, and



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5.6kW system-Norman, OK
Installing 10kW grid-tied-Maud, OK
40kW grid-tied-Noble, OK
Installing 5.2kW pergola-Norman, OK
Tracking system for solar
7kW off-grid system, Celeste, TX
Rear shot behind House 1 & 2
Solar Array in Alaska
* A NABCEP  qualified installer has  passed a  rigorous examination and has demonstrated the capability to supervise complete PV system installations and  has a detailed working knowledge of the electrical codes, standards and has accepted industry practice associated with PV installations.
*(For more information on 
NABCEP installers go to 
Battery Bank
Absolute professional and great people. Pieter and Sheila have gone above and beyond all expectations I've had. It has been a pleasure working with them and proud to say I've made some new friends in this off grid adventure.


Professional, quality work! They are a pleasure to work with!
They do a great job ! Pieter works really hard and won't let anything go unnoticed
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